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Tuesday, 31 January 2012



These are the magic words that we are going to hear today..

Why do I say magic??

Is it a magic that can transform you into a....



Is it a black magic that can DOOM you entire.....


I believe that without corrupter, there will be no corruption. Corrupter is regarded as a parasite to the community. The community must unite to fight these corrupters. The reason is simple: corrupter respects no borders, knows no economic distinctions and infects all forms of government and nation..

A simple example about corrupter ------>>>

“A man decided to go fishing. He rented a boat. He noticed that there was a small hole at the center of the boat but he ignored it. To him the hole was just another small matter. So he pursued his desire to go on fishing. He sure is an expert in fishing because he caught a lot of fish. Lost in excitement, he failed to notice that the boat was slowly sinking as more water has gushed in through the small leak. In the end, he lost everything, the catch, the boat and his own life.”


The boat represents = the community

The leak represents = the corrupter.

If we do not do anything to the leak, I mean the corrupter; the whole community will be corrupted just like the boat. As the saying goes, a small leak will sink a great ship.

Do we want this to happen to our community?

There are various types of corruption done by the corrupters, such as political corruption, data corruption, linguistic corruption and many more. Now, what are the damages done by these corrupters?

The cost of corruption is 3-fold = political, economic and social..

Politically = Corruption is like a cancer on the integrity of a governmental body. It is a major obstacle to the democracy and the rule of law. In a democratic system, offices and institutions lose their legitimacy when they are misused for personal advantages. So guys, do we want corrupted leaders in our community? Leaders who swindle our money for personal gain? Think about it.

Economically = The damages done by the corrupter will lead to the depletion of national’s wealth. Do we want that to happen to our country? We had witnessed how other countries like Indonesia had suffered when their leader was involved in corruption. The country was in chaos and their economy also dropped.

Socially = Moral values are not important anymore to the corrupter. He only thinks about himself, about how to gain something by using others. To him there is nothing more important than his own pleasure. This parasite will suck out the moral values out of everyone in order to get what he wishes for. It’s true that not everyone is born with silver spoon in his mouth. We have to work hard to gain something, NO PAIN NO GAIN.

So, should we just close our eyes to these corrupters??

We should always remember how parasites work, slowly sucking out all the good things. So, we need to combat this corrupter quickly!!

But how are we going to do so?? ---- >>> My suggestion is by developing human capital..

And how are we going to develop human capital???

For me, the answer for this question is through education..

Why education?

Education = is a lifelong process. The knowledge will be there forever from the day we were born till we rest in peace.

It’s being normal when the moment we mentioned the word education, everybody will picture the building of a school ------>>

But, do we know that education actually starts at ----- >>>


Since we are small our parents have taught us the good moral values. When we go to school, we also learn about moral values in all subjects. We have learned moral, religious and civic subjects that further enhances these moral values. The good values that we learnt are from these subjects are meant to be applied in our daily lives not just for exam purposes. These subjects also act as basic knowledge for student to develop human capital.

Policy ------ >>>>

That is why our government has come up with NIP (National Integrity plan) and The National Blueprint or better known as PIPP (long time ago) in order to develop human capital. Both plans stress on the developing human capital with good values. MACC or Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is responsible to reduce corruption in Malaysia. They come up with their vision to make Malaysia free from corruption with good values because they believe good values are the best weapon to combat corrupters.

However we should NOT pin point our fingers to MACC only when it comes to corruption..

Have a clear view ladies and gentlemen..

when we point one finger to MACC, how many fingers are pin pointing back at us? All the fingers are stuck on one hand…

not good.. not good..

It is our responsibility to help MACC in combating these parasites. We have to work together, hand in hand for united we stand, divided we fall.

So, I would like to salute to all Malaysians for we are going to celebrate the 55th Independence Day with respect. But remember dear Malaysians… 55th is just not enough, if you want to celebrate 100 years of independence, we must be free from corruption. In life there are ups and downs no matter what happens we must kill these parasites... But How??

Let's Think Bout It Together..


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